Our name reflects our philosophy: we believe that success needs faith as its starting point. And we have faith in teamwork, creativity, the digital environment, integration and the brands we work with. Wanna know more? Go on then! Keep on reading.

We believe in teamwork.

All for one and one for all! Mind-sharing is our greatest belief and our very proud asset. Each and every one of us, no matter their working title, expresses their uniqueness and is an inspiration to the rest of us. Because a great idea can come from anywhere.

We have faith in the digital environment.

Yep, we do! It could not be any other way. We know it works. We know how it works. We know it makes our brands stronger. Via integration. The joining of online and offline forces, is the path that leads our work to success.

We are loyal to our brands.

No question about it. Our brands are us and our clients are monks too! We think, research and create having only in mind how our brand stories will communicate better to their customers.


A day @ monks.gr

No day is the same -and we like it this way! Monks’ hours are full of creativity. Take a look at a monks’ day to grasp why we love what we do.

Mornings start with strong coffee! A chilled out team-talk in the kitchen (or the balcony if the weather is in a good mood) lays out inspiration, ideas and knowledge from the day before. PC screens start to light up, emails are loading and the ringing tone of our phones leads us to our desks.

This is the good stuff! Minds are working, ideas are flowing and projects are being developed. Awesome words like Google campaigns, Facebook content, branding, marketing briefs and deliverables, make clear that the creative game is on! We enjoy every minute of it, especially when this magical thing happens –strategy and creativity bond together. It kinda makes us feel like godparents!

Mind-sharing and salad-sharing! Lunch is a monks’ gathering, carefree and full of tastes, so we fill up our energy levels before or after arranged meetings with our lovely clients. Heading to our desks, another dose of coffee jump-starts the second creative part of the day!

Inspirational evenings! New ideas claim a place to our projects. We assess, evaluate and make the final steps before wrapping up the projects of the day.


Our services

If we were handymen, our services would be our tools. And if we were chefs, they would be our ingredients. And if we were… well, you get the picture. Our services are knowledge and experience united, and the strongest allies to the brands we work with. Read more below.

Business Strategy

There is no denying that emerging new media and technologies have changed the way that consumers receive, interpret and react to advertising messages and relevant information. An endless evolution.

Branding & Communications

The traditional view of branding is changing significantly due to the rise of new technologies. Online behavior is shifting because of big data and new channels.

Design & Creative

Modern consumers are expecting the brand to present the same experience across the media.Mobile, desktop, tablet even in-store consumers are expecting relevance and gratification.

Digital Performance Media

One of the main benefits of digital media and technologies is that you can measure almost everything using advanced methods of targeting.


To establish a social media presence and strategy, posting and informing people about new products and services is not enough.


Today, more than 90% of global consumers are actively seeking for products and services using search engines. For monks, search is just one single channel.

Website Design & Development

In today’s digital era a successful online presence is not based only in a single website. A modern consumer meets your brand in different digital touchpoints across the customer lifecycle.

Content Strategy

Modern consumers have shut down the traditional world of advertising. They watch less TV, are reading less and less newspapers and they avoid anything not relevant with their interests -even online. Content Strategy is an ongoing process.

Analytics & Data

One of the main benefits of Digital Media, that brands do not take advantage of fully, is advanced data analytics measurement. We are working in the same direction with our clients in order to ensure that objectives and KPI’s are aligned.


Love monks? Keep up-to-date with our office life, our projects and the latest news from the digital world, via our blog. It is cool. Trust us.

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