Apple Leads Market

1st August 2015

Only one out of five smartphones sales worldwide, is an iphone.There are more than 1.000 companies that make smartphones,though Apple has more than 90% of the total profits for the first quarter of 2015 (for the 8 top companies)

So, they dont sell most of the phones but still they are having the whole pie of earnings.How it is possible?

There is no secret that Apple owns the premium-end of the smartphone market.Since customers and loyal fans are willing to pay,Apple sells the smartphones in higher prices,earning wider profit margins.

From the other side, Samsung finds itself squeezed at the top from Apple and at the bottom from Xiaomi.Yet, they recently announced a 4 percent decline in operating profit compared to last year.

Another benefit for Appple; the dominance in the market of China with a percentage of 71% increase in revenue, surpassing even the local Xiaomi.

To sum up, Samsung and Android may be in the most of the phones across the world, without finding the formula to turning popularity to high profits.