Baidu Advertising

28th September 2015

In the Chinese world of search engine marketing, Baidu is the king and not Google as many of you might think.

In 2015, Chinese ‘’netizens’’ reached 667 million with a penetration rate close to 49%. The number of search engine users reached 536 million while mobile users exceeded 454 million. Notice that these are not search queries but unique users!

What about market share? An amazing 79% belongs to Baidu while Google reach is almost 10% and Sogou with a share of 7% is in the third place.

Microsoft has recently announced that Baidu will be the default search engine for Windows in China.

Despite of this, a lot of forward – thinking western brands still not advertise themselves in Baidu. Why? There are a lot of barriers and concerns.

First of all, advertising on Baidu is not as easy as it is in Google Adwords. You do not just add a credit card, select keywords and ad-texts and then go live! There is an advertiser certification process, specific knowledge and expertise in Chinese language. On top of that, you need to localize your landing page for the Chinese market and last but not least; understand how this advertising platform works.


Differences between Adwords and Baidu Ads


  • You can display your brand’s logo alongside with the text ad
  • You can use interactive ads, text ads, video and image ads
  • Like Google Display Network there is Baidu display network as well
  • Can a non-Chinese speaker set up a campaign? Yes and no – while there is an English version and interface you need to familiarize with local content and be ready to optimize the campaign
  • Baidu analytics called Baidu Tongj
  • Baidu PPC manager is only in Chinese while their desktop editor is in English also
  • Negative keywords are working in the same way as Adwords




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