Instagram for Masses

16th July 2015

Are you ready to see more ads to  popped up in your Instagram feed? No? You should now…

The photo sharing app, Facebook owned, using now an API that lets third-party ads like SalesForce to schedule their content for the first time. If you are a social media community manager, then this is good news.

For the users this change means more ads in their feed. Until now ads can be used only from  selected big brands, working directly with Instagram.

Analysts believe that Instagram can be a formidable force in the industry, since the platforms will use the advertisign API of Facebook.

Instagram’s people ensured that we won’t see a tone of ads but simply more ads than we used to see. Their only concern is how relevant will be the ads we gonna see, since they cannot control the brand’s planners. So, the main question is if the engagement level of the users will remain at the same levels as today.

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