How to rank higher on Google searches?

15th May 2017

How Google ranks pages is a big mystery for most digital marketers. The whole SEO industry is consisted of people who are still trying to understand how the Google page-ranking and how they can achieve best results. In order for this to be done SEO marketers are testing different techniques to find the so-called “golden formula” to rank higher. What we know: Google uses 200 different ranking factors. However, the 3 most important are the links, the content and the RankBrain.

Unfortunately, from what we have seen until now there is no third party tool, which can work exactly the same as the Google algorithms. Most of the tools that you find in the web can only give you a better chance for results but it does not guarantee anything. However, knowing little is better than not knowing anything.

Let’s focus in the most important factors to find out how you can rank higher on Google.

  • Make your page more relevant

There is no easy way to make your page more relevant. It needs time and it is very complicated. First of all, you must understand how Google perceives a search query and how it matches it with the information obtained by the website.

One easy and quick tip to make your page more relevant is to research the top pages, which are ranked on Google, related to your topic and create a strong “armory” of keywords that you can use afterwards on your website. By this practice, you are helping Google understand that the content of your page is more relevant than that of other pages. As a result, you can have a higher ranking on the Google searches.

  • User Intention

User Intention is even more important to Google than page relevance. Despite knowing that this two accompany each other for each user, the search and the intentions are different. That means that the same word can have different meaning among users. How Google understands what people are searching? The answer: from their search queries, the combinations of words, from how long they stayed on a website or if they started a new search query.

  • Authority of a Domain

There is a debate between SEO professionals about domain rating and it can really help the page’s ability to rank higher. As it seems a large group of SEO practitioners suggest that in some occasions high domain rating does not guarantee you a higher position and your page can easily counter it if you have more links directed there.

  • Links

The good news: there is a general pattern regarding links. The more links there are on a page the higher it ranks.

However it is better to have one link in 10 different websites rather than having 10 links into a single website -this is the quantity factor. On the other hand, the quality factor shows us that high quality links can outrank large number of low quality links.