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Gianniris cars

Gianniris cars

About this project

Gianniris cars


Gianniris S.A. unveils 3 car dealerships and 5 different brands: the company is an official car dealer for Peugeot, Citroen and Jeep, while owning Ecomoving (an electric bikes’ brand) and Gianniris Used Cars.

The challenge

To create a strong online presence for each brand + to support the brands via the online tools and channels most suitable for each one of them, meaning: adwords, Facebook content, print projects and more, were on the cards.


Three impressive Facebook pages –demonstrating each car brand’s authentic voice and true character. Big increase in traffic and enormous interest from new buyers. Exciting numerous offline projects (posters, car stickers) that became the talk of the event they appeared to.


Date:  16th June 2016
Client:  Gianniris cars
Project URL:  Gianniris cars