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Mikro Galliko

Mikro Galliko

About this project


Mikro Galliko is a manicure-pedicure salon that stands out from the crowd. A blend of romantic and luxurious essence defines its character which attracts the modern working woman who wishes to relax in a chic environment.

The challenge

Finding a name by by-passing the common use of words such as “nails” and creating a name in greek language when most words of the specific field originate in a non-greek language.

Our Approach

We created a pool of words, meanings and ideas that related to our main services- manicure and pedicure. Out from this we selected the ones that that defined the key characteristics of the brand: chic, romantic, fresh. The final step was adjusting the findings to greek words. Galliko means French –as in French manicure. Mikro means small, as in the pretty and picturesque store where our brand was located!


Date:  17th July 2015
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