The Top 7 SEO Trends

17th July 2015

Search Engine Optimization has never been ‘’simple’’ but nowadays it is harder than ever. There is a lot of information on how to be ranked on search engines for particular keywords, or on how to gain more organic traffic but nothing works until you define your goals and an overall SEO Strategy. In this article I will present you the top 7 SEO Trends according to Forbes.
SEO Trends:
1. SEO will become focused on technical elements while content marketing will drive search rankings
2. Sites that aren’t optimized for user intent and mobile SEO will fail
3. Brand mentions and citations will become as powerful as links
4. Following the failed Google+ Authorship experiment, Google will place more value on social signals from Twitter and Facebook
5. Search rankings will increasingly become more about building relationships and less about technical strategies
6. Negative SEO will be a bigger threat than ever
7. SEO will no longer be an isolated department, but become fully integrated with other aspects of marketing


Digital Agencies must focus on user search experience strategy and fulfill search engine quality and technical guidelines rather than other SEO “Techniques” that worked before. Keep in mind that If our website deserves to be ranked in a higher position based on our SEO Strategy, search engines will give us value.

Source: Forbes